Optimizing Infrastructure or Current Process

We at AJS closely study your business routine and compare it with your business goals. We pull the industry experts that have proven experience in your industry and bring solutions to the table that can be easily adjusted in your work regime.

Also, we optimize the existing business process and provide you IT services either from our resourced tech suite or specially designed software that is sustainable as per your business’ adequacy.

We are the believer in providing value and that is why AJS acclaims itself as one of your potential partners that can provide value to your business by offering services or optimizing your current services on the following spectrums-

Managerial Services


Constant Customer Support

Get dedicated resources that are there for you round the clock. Just raise your query and you will be responded back with an effective solution in 5 min to 24 hours.



Lost Data and the files in the middle? No need to worry. We understand how crucial data can be for your business and that is why we backup data in real-time, daily weekly as well as monthly/yearly on external drives.


Massive Storage

The best benefit of getting partnered with us is that you do not have to worry about the storage capacity. No matter how big and complicated your data is. All of it can be easily accommodated.


Antivirus Protection

AJS keeps your data safe using cutting-edge world leaders with new innovation in Antivirus protection software- Prevent with real-time monitoring and enhanced preventive action by 24/7 security experts.

Professional Services



SharePoint is an international platform to create the website and store or access the data with ease. Best in class for sharing your information and making easy access with your team or network group.


Dynamics 365

Dynamics is a beautiful marriage of ERP and CRM. Yes, this SaaS application is used for efficient data and information flowing in your organization for effective planning and also handles your core customers single-handedly.


Business Intelligence (BI)

Get the right information and right knowledge to start your business right. We provide the related data insights and technology suite use cases to you to get a better understanding of what our business demands.