Manufacturing Sector

In the manufacturing sector you don’t have to take care of one vertical but multiple ranging from your vendors to the customers and the employees. In that scenario, you need premium digital services of AJS that provides you need premium digital services of AJS that provides a high level of cloud security, accelerate smart factories by connecting with IoT, without ignoring the essence of Product design, and in the end connecting the product to the end customer by focusing on user experience.

Collaborative Product and Configuration Design

Have a great blend of the technology with your development process that will lighten up your burden and bring more productivity with the latest tool integrations making your process 10 times faster and giving you a competitive advantage amongst others.

Portfolio and Product Management

Grow digitally by showcasing your products online with compatible mobile apps, websites and have a digital catalog that facilitates client attraction more. You can also have a gateway of online orders through highly functional websites with AJS.

Product Lifestyle Tracking

Learn when and where your product is in the middle of the development cycle that helps you in proper labor distribution. This comes in handy while you are doing efficient resource planning.