Manufacturing Sector

In the manufacturing sector you don’t have to take care of one vertical but multiple ranging from your vendors to the customers and the employees. In that scenario, you need premium digital services of AJS that provides

Collaborative Product and Configuration Design

Have a great blend of the technology with your development process that will lighten up your burden and bring more productivity with the latest tool integrations making your process 10 times faster and giving you a competitive advantage amongst others.

Portfolio and Product Management

Grow digitally by showcasing your products online with compatible mobile apps, websites and have a digital catalog that facilitates client attraction more. You can also have a gateway of online orders through highly functional websites with AJS.

Product Lifestyle Tracking

Learn when and where your product is ins in the middle of the development cycle that helps you in proper labor distribution. This comes in handy while you are doing efficient resource planning.

Financial Services

With payment structures getting digital across the globe, financial services have also taken a new edge over technology.At AJS you can get the facilities of confidential database storage, automation, and easy networking that can make your financial service business boom. At AJS you can expect-

AI or Automation

Get all your risks optimized with trend analytics that can predict the loan recovery scope and the forecast based on the economic behavior and customer saving patterns. This will make your task of risk calculations easier with no scope of human error.

Secured Database

All the recorded transactions could be stored on the main server of AJS with high security and password encryption that eliminates the risk of leaking information.

Modern Banking Structure

Going with the trend, you will never feel outdated if the customer demands a special feature as AJS keeps offering the latest tool integrations and updates time-to-time that will keep you ahead in the competition always.

Real-Time interactions

Compute rates of interest, credit scores, loan approvals, and installments in real-time on-demand without making your server heavily loaded.


The healthcare sector is now stepping into the world of the digital era. In the present situations where the patients are demanding every comfort. The efficient solutions are being served digitally with respect to relevant databases that stimulate a productive yet safe environment for health workers and patients.

AJS benefits the healthcare industry in the following ways-

Electronic medical records

Save the paper and access the medical records from anywhere. With AJS get cloud services that can store your data and records safely.

Revenue cycle management

Keep what you want and delete what you don’t. Have accessibility in priority and data information alteration with the revenue cycle management.

Improve Patient Outcomes and Empower Care Teams

The dedicated support for your patients basically helps you to gain customer loyalty and the constant check with patients helps you monitor their health closely.

Product information management

Whatever supplies and medicines you are prescribing to the user. AJS cloud services will help you to store all the data on the servers so that patients can search and find it on your portal easily.

Protect Healthcare Data and Patient Trust

With the secured firewalls and the high-tech systems, the information shared by the user will be highly protected. With a strong security system, you can assure your customers that they can trust you which is an important factor in building goodwill.

Extend Reach of Care through Modernizing IT

Now you can get online appointments and bookings from patients across the world. You just need efficient software that can conduct online appointments and give patients the facility to upload their reports and store medical records.

Government Agencies

The government holds a lot of confidential information that is needed to get accessed to make governing decisions. They need tight security and correct data. With AJS along with that you get-

Simplified User Experience

AWS securely modernizes and simplifies the primary functions that drive the elections process by enabling rapid deployment and effortless scaling of critical systems for customers who administer, promote, and protect the electoral process.

Perfect Agility

Get modern mobile apps developed with multi-cloud infrastructure and edge solutions that enable greater mission agility with enhanced operational efficiencies.

Built-In Security

Protect critical applications and infrastructure with built-in security while streamlining regulatory compliance.


When you are having customers with high competition on the road you need to be on your toes to provide quality services.

Getting digitally smart business solutions for your clients gives you a competitive advantage amongst others. With AJS cloud services you can get-

Optimized Chain Solution

Never get a shortage of the inventory and your top-selling items by the smartly optimized chain solutions which will give you alerts and timely updates on your inventory storage.

Hi-Tech ePlatform Solutions

Get a website that is able to load and showcase you different options in a fraction of seconds and make wishlists, cart listing, and product checkout in seconds.

Big Data & Analytics Solutions

Get all the relevant data required from different departments in seconds by uploading all databases on a common server or securing them with passwords to make important decisions.

Turn your supply chain into a delight chain

With proper inventory and supply chain information, hit the target audience with favorite sales and save your expenses and plan for the ideas that need to stay on the shelves for long.

Material Tracking Systems

Learn about where your vendors and sellers are in the middle of the sales pipeline to ensure the smooth functioning of your business.