Hybrid With AJS or Cloud With Partners

Data & critical IT infrastructure like emails, ERP, etc is the backbone of the business. It provides structure to your business operations and also lays the foundation for future milestones.

Having an association with a partner that is always available on optimized cloud and keeping your data safe, as per your need is crucially important.

We study your business, align with your visions, and suggest competent cloud partners help you gain that competitive edge.

With AJS cloud services you can expect to benefit your business in terms of reduced IT costs, the advantage of work flexibility, real-time updates, business scalability, and everything that lowers the budget but broadens the scope of your work.

Our Pre-Curated Cloud Solutions


AJS masters in providing you, competent cloud partner. We aim at providing agility and exceptional experience to our partners and customers. You can migrate your data and share the resources from one point effortlessly, making your work productivity higher.


Amazon Web Service uses the content delivery network to send static and dynamic files across the world in a blink.


Pro in better resource management, VMware is an expert in running multiple applications and operating workload over a single server.


The product of Microsoft, this cloud service is for analytics, storage, networking, and virtual computing. Is optimum for IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS solutions.


The software is self-sufficient for the automatic deployment and management of cloud architecture. It is super easy to introduce this stack with other software.