Financial Services

With payment structures getting digital across the globe, financial services have also taken a new edge over technology. With the emergence of fintech, the traditional way of operating financial services has been disrupted, At AJS you can get the facilities of confidential database storage, automation, and easy networking that can make your financial service business boom. 

AI or Automation

Get all your risks optimized with trend analytics that can predict the loan recovery scope and the forecast based on the economic behavior and customer saving patterns. This will make your task of risk calculations easier with no scope of human error.

Secured Database

All the recorded transactions could be stored on the main server of AJS with high security and password encryption that eliminates the risk of leaking information.

Modern Banking Structure

Going with the trend, you will never feel outdated if the customer demands a special feature as AJS keeps offering the latest tool integrations and updates time-to-time that will keep you ahead in the competition always.

Real-Time Interactions

Compute rates of interest, credit scores, loan approvals, and installments in real-time on-demand without making your server heavily loaded.