Developing New Tools

After studying and examining your business closely, we bring you experts and experienced resources that can dedicatedly work for you on an hourly or full-time basis as per your requirement. The goal is to get enhanced intelligence aligned with your business goals for better productivity.

AJS provides with resources that you need for business acceleration. After all, we at AJS do not just sell services but deliver efficient practices for business growth as a proven ROI

Hire full stack developers to database administrators that will provide you services beyond industry standards yet costs tailored to your budget.

Think of innovation, transformation, or imagination- you name it and AJS has got you covered! 

Developing tools for


If you are looking for something unique that has never been on the market before, AJS is there for you. You can get a custom app that has distinct usability, features, designs, and value as per your choice.

Our designers, developers, and testers will have continuous sessions with you and make a detailed plan on how to conceive this app based on your requirements.

Mobile Development

Providing SaaS and customized mobile applications with super functional dashboards and panels to help you manage your business at your fingertips. React Native, PHP, python, and reach native are the software we use for creating mobile apps for you.

Get custom outlays for your app and feature-loaded multiple panels over the single app so that you can entertain your clients and manage your business single-handedly.

Web Development

Now gather the audience from any spot of the globe with an attractive and fully functional web app.

Yes, get the customized fully functional website developed by expert back-end developers and front-end developers that will provide you with varied features suiting your business essence.

Our engineer is well versed in HTML, CSS, Java, C##, Ruby & Rails, PHP, SQL, My SQL, MongoDB, Cassandra, and Javascript. We focus on your requirements, draft a blueprint of a tool that can cater to your needs, and then develop a company internal tool exclusively for you that will help you to ease your daily task.

Our team at AJS will provide you a website loaded with tech stacks that will make your business capable enough to entertain the needs of your clients.


ERP is today one of the staple tools for businesses that help in easy information flow in a dynamic business environment. AJS studies your business cycle and comes up with a suitable ERP strategy that lays the foundation for smooth functioning.

We provide different combinations of tools like SAP, SAGE, Microsoft Dynamic Business Central, AIX, Great Plans, SAP Hana, Business-One, etc and after studying your requirements we tailor the tool suite to match all your business needs. This provides agility and flexibility in your business functioning.


Let your automated tools talk on your behalf with the help of CRM. Streamline your sales activities, manage marketing campaigns and analyze data through our smart CRM services.

Get every function automated and lighten the burden of your sales, marketing, and customer support. In our CRM, we offer you a variety of tools like salesforce and office 365, etc that are capable of handling all your business activities efficiently. These tools help you find the best possible route to engage new or returning customers, the smartest way to foresee your business growth.

You can pick and choose the tools separately as per your convenience.