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On Boarding With AJS & Understanding Business

Sometimes working in a static environment and following old business practices could be troublesome for your company’s growth. At that time you need someone that can bring fresh ideology and IT solutions to the table and we at AJS do that.

Hybrid With AJS or Cloud With Partners

Cloud Computing services today are changing the scenario of data handling and businesses like never before. If you are someone, whose business runs online or is related to any IT field, the cloud service is none less than a backbone for you. 


Amazon Web Service uses the content delivery network to send static and dynamic files across the world in a blink.


Pro in better resource management, VMware is an expert in running multiple applications and operating workload over a single server.


AJS is a company that is established with the mission to grow with the growth of others. We provide empowering solutions to business enterprises through our magnificent yet totally scalable solutions.


OpenStack is self-sufficient for the automatic deployment and management of cloud architecture.


Microsoft AZURE, is for analytics, storage, networking, and virtual computing. Is optimum for IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS solutions.

Optimizing Infrastructure or Current Process

Managerial Services

Managerial Services

Offering best in class managerial services including security, backup, Constant Customer Support and much more
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Professional Services

Professional Services

Get best in all proffesional services for your business like Sharepont, Dynamic365 and Business Intelligence (BI)
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Developing New Tools

After studying and examining your business closely, we bring you experts and experienced resources that can dedicatedly work for you on an hourly or full-time basis as per your requirement. The goal is to get enhanced intelligence aligned with your business goals for better productivity.

Competitive Advantage

Business Progression

The growth should never stop despote of hurdles. AJS quality analyst team will make sure that you’re able to carry on your business activities successfully.

Business Intelligence

We provide the related data insights and technology suite use cases to you to get a better understanding of what our business demands.


Either you want to downsize or expand your business by 5 times, you do not need to panic about resources and data storage.

Reduced IT costs

Now get rid of the recurring costs of data storage. Competent cloud service allows you to store massive data with accuracy.